Where is the best party in Prague?

If you ask this question in an ordinary ho(s)tel, you will most probably get a leaflet inviting you to the five-story club offering Cuba Libre for 180 CZK and a sticky floor. Luckily, Meet Me 23 is not an ordinary ho(s)tel. We have selected favourite places you won’t find in any tourist leaflets, places which would tell you much more about the real nightlife in Prague.   

Vlkova 26

Zizkov quarter has been undergoing a small Renaissance in recent years and Vlkova 26 Bar and Night Club is one of the proofs. The place is just outside the Meet Me 23, one tram stop from the Main Railway Station in direction to Zizkov. Discover a stylish underground bar where you can come in and sit at 8pm and easily stay until the morning. Enjoy fine selection of cocktails and carefully organised playlist, most of which you would burn to Spotify the morning after. The place can get quite busy, especially during the weekend. The Vlkovka simply offers an atmosphere that makes you stay longer than planned.

Nakladove nadrazi Zizkov (Zizkov Freight Station)

If you are in Prague during the warmer season wishing for an extraordinary party, definitely place a visit to this spot. The unused functionalist railway station has recently been transformed into a fully-fledged cultural spot where concerts, summer screenings and art workshops take place as well as parties, which are just as unbound as you would expect in a similar space. If beer and couple of shots in the former rail tracks is not enough, why not watching some movie classics? Ever imagined what it would be like watching Mad Max in abandoned industrial halls?


What about a party at one of Europe's oldest universities? The first look doesn’t seem to be that exciting, but once you look into the Hollar gallery courtyard, you will understand. The inconspicuous building of Charles University near the National Theatre changes every weekend in a party yard with a large parquet and two terraces on the upper floors. Frequently there are concerts of independent DJ's and bands, but electronica definitely prevails. And yes, at least half of all the hipsters from Prague meet here every week. Whether this is pro or con for you, at Hollar you will enjoy a great evening without bruising your wallet.

The only real downside is the fact that the club shuts after midnight, so if you wish to party until morning hours, you have to carry on somewhere else. However, Hollar changes the meaning of the term "school party" so it is worthwhile to go.

Druhe patro (The Second Floor)

Late evening and you are at Dlouha street – the most famous party street in Prague.

This can happen to everyone. But what if you don’t feel like visiting any of the crowded bars, where one is dancing to the Best of 1987 and where the bartenders look at you through their fingers? Try the lounge Druhe patro in house no. 37. The entrance from the dark courtyard does not look promising, but inside you will find a really interesting club space with a unique atmosphere you would not expect at Dlouha. The club also offers high quality performers and drinks at solid prices. No surprises the access to this venue used to be granted upon password only. These times are over now, Druhe patro, however, is still the best guarded secret in the very heart of Prague. 

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