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MEET ME 23: One more reason to visit Prague

A stylish spot from where you can set out to explore the beauty of Old Town, as well as its trendy neighbourhoods largely excluded from tourist guides. This one-of-a-kind boutique ho(?)tel does not merely offer a bed with wardrobe. Rather, it allows you the opportunity to choose a style and standard of lodging of your own-from its fully-equipped rooftop suites to its shared dormitories. Its bespoke restaurant invites you to indulge in the finest Czech beers and traditional culinary delights whilst providing the perfect setting for your encounters with interesting people from around the world. An original site where history meets modern design and latest technologies that will guide you through your entire stay.

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Rent a single bed, the entire room or a suite with a unique view of Prague. You may simply choose the style and price range of lodging that best suits you or your party travelling to Prague. All types of accommodation offer above-standard service at attractive prices with top-notch facilities to suit guests of all backgrounds.

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Forget the traditional tour guides and receptionists. MEET ME 23 welcomes you in a modern and convenient style via virtual reception – you’ll check-in/out online and unlock your room with your smartphone. The hotel's intriguing Blueman will take you through the hotel. You can plan trips around Prague during a virtual flight over the city or you may borrow our navigation. And all of this while you’re surfing at high-speed. As a reminder of where to come back on your next visit to Prague, you can print out a small model of our iconic Blueman on our 3D printer.

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A warm welcome from our iconic Blueman, the original common space with exhibitions on display, and the unique design of each room – all of this awaits you in MEET ME 23 to provide you with an unforgettable experience that you’ll not want to forget. The latest technologies, living art, modern design and rich history of the place all come together in MEET ME 23.

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A better address than Washingtonova 23 would be really hard to find. We're located mere fifty steps away from the Main Train Station, the red C underground line, as well as from the Airport Express stop which connects the city centre to the airport. You’ll reach Wenceslas Square before you can even open the map app on your phone, and before you type up the location for "Old Town Square", you’ll already be standing right under the Old Town Astronomical Clock.

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The Neo-Renaissance house at Washingtonova 23 was built in the second half of the 19th century during the time of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. It was designed by a Viennese architect born in central Bohemia, and the first owner came from the Hungarian Raab. The next owners, originating from Czech’s Rakovník and Germany’s Berlin were robbed of their property due to their Jewish origin during the Nazi occupation period. The house is steeped in Central European history.

The building was built between 1878-1879 in a Historicist style – quite common during this period- in accordance to the project of Ludwig Zettl, a famous architect of the time. Zettl designed a number of public buildings in Vienna and throughout the entire monarchy, but this building is probably his only masterpiece to be found in Prague. The construction of the building, on the outskirts of New Town of Prague, in the immediate vicinity of a public park with fruit trees and in the area of the original baroque fortification, was carried out by the Prague architect Josef Kandert. The first owner of the house was Daniel Gallauner (* 1826 Raab, † 1891 Prague).

At the start of the new century, the house was bought by Emil Reiser (* 1854 Rakovník, † 1918 Prague), whose family owned and lived in the house until the Second World War when it was confiscated due to their Jewish origin. Even in 1910, when there were five flats and a total of nine toilets - according to the official records - the house was not connected to the city water supply.

The house underwent several modifications, most notably during 1922-23. According to Rudolf Wisler’s design, the house was extended to include a third and fourth floor in Classicist style, and equipped with a lift. The house was owned by the widow of Emil Reiser, Martha Reiser (* 1865 Berlin, † 1925 Prague), who lived there with her mother and one of her sons, Egon Reiser, a physician.

During the Second World War, however, the so-called “aryanization” of Jewish property was implemented and the house was confiscated from the Reiser family. Many of the family members died in the death camps of Auschwitz and Treblinka, in Terezin, or were forced to emigrate.

After the war, the house was converted into a manufacturing facility that produced minted paper products, and run by František Steiner. After 1948, the ownership of the building passed to the state. In 1949, the registered owner was the national Czechoslovak insurance company, a national enterprise; in 1956 the Czech malthouse, a national enterprise, then took up residence. The first floor of the house was turned into a kindergarten in 1961, and in 1974 a part of the attic was renovated.

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