The Best Parks in Prague or Where to Seek the Silence

You have visited the Prague Castle, cranked among the tourists in the Old Town Square and the Charles Bridge, you’ve tasted the Czech beer – but what next? After a long walk, there is nothing more pleasant than directing your route to the park to lay your body down the fresh grass. Each Prague park is unique in its own way and offers more than just a lovely natural element to your Instagram collage. We have selected the TOP 4 parks not to miss while visiting Prague. 

Riegrovy sady

One of the most beautiful places in Prague (among the locals also known as Riegrac) can be found just about ten minutes’ walk from Meet Me 23, on the border of Vinohrady and Zizkov quarters. The park offers an unforgettable view of the centre of Prague. For those who get bored by the view, this place has much more to offer. Why not grabbing a beer in the beer garden? The one in Riegrovy sady offers three projector screens for sporting events. Be sure that, thanks to the grateful audience, every game is an extraordinary experience, even if the match is a draw. If you prefer films to sport, the open-air cinema takes place here in the warmer months. You have never really experienced the Lion King like the one seen under the sun setting over Prague. 

You can always just lie down onto the soft grass observing the others picnicking or celebrating anything from the bachelor party to a simple Friday after-work chill. This is the typical image of Riegrovy sady – the place to meet, the park with added value – and it’s so easy to succumb. 

Letenske sady and Stalin

Letenske sady park offers not only a magical view of Prague but also a true and vivid place of culture and life in all its forms. From one end to the other, you can come across a wedding celebration at a local mansion, a tennis tournament, a ride on historical bicycles, skateboarders of all ages, and the Hipster Electro Music concert – just a few steps away. All happening only a 15-minute walk from the Namesti Republiky (The Square of Republic).

Book a bicycle or longboat rides in the afternoon, the paths are perfect here. Later in the evening you shouldn’t miss the beer in the beer garden near Letensky zamecek (Letna mansion). The beer garden is well known for the spectacular view and very popular among tourists and locals, so be sure to get your seats early in advance. If not, why not grabbing your beer and moving to the metronome. The place is also called Stalin due to the monument of the infamous Soviet dictator being placed here back in the old days. Today, when the monument is gone, this place offers an open-air space for concerts, film screenings and lively events, especially Wednesdays to Sundays during the summer months. This place, however, shows its real magic at night. The impressive thing is you can enjoy a busy company of the like-minded people as well as finding your very own private place to enjoy the night as you like. 


Stromovka is the place for all of you to whom park means the place to relax your senses from the rush of the city. It takes 15 minutes by tram to get there from Meet Me 23, however, you can be lost in the park for hours. No worries, this place is not just for picnicking. If you have any sporting desires while visiting Prague, do not hesitate to come there. Stromovka has so much to offer. It is well-known for its network of cycle paths leading you to the city centre as well as to the scenic ride around the Vltava river. And if you don’t feel like walking any more, why not booking a horseback ride?

Simply the place to calm down, take a deep breath and enjoy an oasis of greenery and ponds all around. If you happen to start feeling like you are not in Prague any more, don’t forget the nearest beer spot can be right behind you, as there are plenty of them in Stromovka.


Kampa in the Lesser Town is not only one of many Prague islands, but also one of the most charming city parks. As it is not far from the Prague Castle, it’s easy to place a quick visit without rescheduling your city centre visit. There is no better place to rest your swollen feet, especially if you are a modern art lover. Pay attention to various outside art installation and if you are a true art lover, you shouldn’t miss the Kampa Museum. Enjoying a cup of coffee at the bench of Vltava River is a must.

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